Interview with Mahua Chatterjee, Managing Director at Azeta Pharma GmbH

What are the trends of cooperation post this COVID crisis, our new normal?

Going to live conferences is still continuing to create fear in people. Also there are travel restrictions in places which are making face to face meetings challenging. So there is an increasing trend to connect with people online and also taking that extra effort, for eg virtual networking over a virtual drink.

How can we improve future networking via virtual matchmaking platforms?

Post Covid 19, there is a requirement of virtual matchmaking platforms which will connect like minded networkers seamlessly. Via Pharmacircuit we are offering a platform which will connect clients and customers instantaneously at their will from different time zones.

What do you expect from Pharmacircuit platform?

I expect this platform to evolve as a real time online networking tool. It offers a great future to all those pharma professionals who were looking for a genuine realtime online virtual matchmaking platform. Pharmacircuit will have scope for senior executives to connect seamlessly with each other without prior appointments during the 2 day long events.

What value added services are most important for Business Development and Alliance Management function?

Services that could enhance their business development activities and smart decision making skills in the post covid world, for example using artificial intelligence tools. Azeta Pharma would be happy to provide and assist with such tools and also connect partners through our Pharmacircuit platform.

Do you wish to have periodic webinars on various industry trends. If yes, how many times in a year and what topics should be covered?

Yes, definitely! 2-3 times annually. It would be a great opportunity for us to include various topics including a focussed HR conference once or twice per year to start with.

Mahua Chatterjee
Managing Director at Azeta Pharma GmbH


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