Interview with Cezary Kilczewski, CEO at MEDICOFARMA SA

What do you see as trends of cooperation in the pharmaceutical industry?

On line meetings will replace such venues as CPhI.

How has your background prepared you for business development?

Being in that business for almost 20 years gave me sufficient experiences.

How can networking between pharmaceutical companies been improved?

Creation of groups of people that have common tasks will help.

How do you see the importance of virtual networking platforms for business development in the pharmaceutical industry?

Very important, even crucial.

What value added services do you see as most important for Business Development and Alliance Management functions?

Expansion of offers.

What is your opinion on the evolvement of the pharmaceutical industry in the last 6 months? How will it shape up in the future?

COVID changed it totally. EU and USA will move as much as possible of the manufacturing to their countries.

What are the therapeutic areas that will be a trendsetter in coming years?


Looking at a new market, how would you go about it?

By creating niche or unique products.

What are ways to identify a new market to enter?

Size, competitors that are present, available products.

What are the most important aspects in pharmaceutical business development?

Money, money, money.

Describe the process you would follow for business development

Identify product/services, identify source and responsible person, then meet on-line.

What partnerships do you think would be beneficial for your company?

People/companies that would deliver orders and projects.

What is your preferred strategy for finding business partners?

Based on relationship with people I know and trust.

What do you consider as most important indicators before closing a deal?

Win-win parameters.

What are the three most important factors when evaluating a deal?

Trust – competences – profit.

How would you keep in touch with existing customers?

Meetings on-line.

How do you prioritize your meetings with clients?

On personal, on web, by phone.

Have you ever walked out on a deal and why?


Have you ever lost an opportunity to do business with an important partner? Why and what did you learn?

Yes, we were too small.

What should we do more often and to engage our employees constantly?

Improve their competences, motivate them.

How do you motivate your team to get the best out of deals for your company?

Money, money, money and respect for competences.

Would you like to tell us something more? Some comments?

Keep on doing this.

Cezary Kilczewski


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